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How do I foster a Kit?

Fostering kits can be essential when you have a doe with a large litter and a doe with a small litter. Evening out the mothering responsibility often results in bigger and healthier kits. The Fostering feature allows you to keep track of where kits were born and where they were fostered to.

Web Version

Open the Litters page from the menu on the left side.
Select the Litter you want to Foster from.
Click the ellipses(...) in the top right of the Kit’s tile that you want to Foster.

Select “Foster”.

Choose which Litter you want to Foster the Kit into.
Click “Save”.
The Kit will show up in the new Litter's Profile. It will have a paper icon on its tile so you can easily tell the Foster Kit from the others.

The Kit's tile will also be faded in the original Litter.

Mobile Version

Select “Litters” in the menu at the bottom.
Open the Litter Profile that you want to move the Kit from.
Click the ellipses in the top right of the Foster Kit’s tile.
Select “Foster”.

Then select which Litter you would like to move the Kit to.

Click “Save”.
The Kit will show up in the new Litter with a paper icon next to it.

Updated on: 11/11/2022

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