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How to mark a rabbit for Sale on the Marketplace

When marking a rabbit for Sale, you will have the option whether or not you want to post it publicly on the Marketplace. If you make the Listing public, others will be able to see the rabbit for Sale and contact you about potential purchases.

Web Version

Prior to listing a rabbit for Sale on the Marketplace, you will have to update your Marketplace Settings. You can learn how to Edit what is displayed on your Marketplace Listings HERE. After you have edited your Marketplace Settings, you can list rabbits for Sale publicly.

Select the ellipses (...) next to the Breeder or Kit you want to sell.

Then click “Mark for Sale”.
A form will populate where you can choose if you want to list the rabbit on Marketplace or just mark it as “For Sale” in your account. “Mark for Sale Only” will not list your rabbit publicly for others to see.

When you have completed the form, click “Yes”.
Your rabbit is now marked for sale and the rabbit’s status will say “For Sale”.

To learn how to view which rabbits you have listed on the Marketplace you can read this article.

Updated on: 29/10/2023

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