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How to use Treatment Task Templates

Treatment Task Templates allow you to save your frequently used medications or methods of treatment.

Web Version

Select the profile icon in the upper right and click “Settings”, then choose “Schedule”.
Click “Treatment Task Templates” from the top.
To add a new Treatment select “Add”. You can edit an existing Treatment Task Template by clicking “Edit”.

You can then name the new treatment.
After that choose the schedule if the treatment needs to reoccur.
Example: You need to give an oral medication once every (3) (days).

Then enter the medication (name), type (subcutaneous, intermuscular, etc.), and method (oral, injection, etc.) if available.
If the medication has a withdrawal period you can add that as well.

Add the bottom you can enter the dosage.
Example: (12) (ml) of medication per (1) (lb) of rabbit.

On the right side, you can edit the tasks involved with the treatment.

To add a task click “Add Task”. You can edit or delete tasks with the ellipses (...) menu next to the task.

You can then name the task, set the number of days it needs to occur on, and choose a task icon. Colored task icons are system tasks that can be completed in the software.
Example: “Weigh” will open the weigh form.
When you are finished, select the green “Save Changes” button at the bottom.

Updated on: 17/09/2022

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