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Getting familiar with the Dashboard

The Dashboard acts as a summary and guide of your Everbreed records. Here you can easily add actions, view common Reports, and look at your Schedule.

Welcome message

At the top of your Dashboard there will be a welcome message that may provide a tip or help guide you through setting up your account. These messages will periodically change. There is an “X” in the top right of the welcome message that allows you to close it.

Actions Menu

Web Version - At the top of your Dashboard you will find action buttons for Breed, Birth, Weigh, and Butcher. Within the waffle menu in the top right, you can find more buttons. These buttons include adding a Breeder, many Breeders, a Breeder Category, a Litter, a Breed Plan, and a Ledger Entry.

Mobile App - Clicking the green “+” sign in the bottom right will open a menu with options to add a task, a breeding, a birth, weights, and butcher.


A summary of some common reports are listed on your Dashboard to give you a quick look at how your rabbitry is doing. You can view how many active Breeders and Litters you have, number of kits born, and your Finances. Number of kits, age to butcher, and survival rate is also displayed.


Within the Schedule section you are able to add and complete Tasks, alter Display, and view your Schedule in multiple views. Tasks can be completed by clicking the Task Name, Task Icon, or ellipses(...). Your Schedule can also be downloaded or synced to your calendar app by selecting the download icon in the upper right of the Schedule section.

Blog Posts

At the very bottom of the Dashboard page you will find our Blog posts. This is a good way to stay up to date on what is being improved upon within Everbreed.

Updated on: 30/06/2022

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