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How to import your Breeders and Kits (Beginner's guide)

Importing your rabbits is one of the first things you'll want to do after setting up your Everbreed account. Breeders (parents) need to be added before adding Litters and kits. If your rabbits are pedigreed, kit’s pedigrees will automatically be created.

Adding Breeders

There are several ways to import Breeders to your Everbreed account. To start, click "Breeders" from the menu on the left side of your screen. If you are using the mobile app, then click on the "Breeders" tab at the bottom, and click the green "+" button on the bottom right.

Add New

This option is for adding one Breeder at a time. Fill out all the necessary information, then click "Save". The single breeder you added will be added to your account.
Learn how to fill out a rabbit’s information profile HERE.

Add Many

This option is for adding numerous Breeders at once. There are 3 sub-options under this selection.

1) Import from Evans

If you are moving from Evans software this is the best option for you. You can import your Breeders via .HTM file.
Make sure your Evans exports are up-to-date so that they can be read properly. Older versions may not be supported.
Once you have reviewed and confirmed the information, scroll to the bottom and click “Save Breeders”.

2) Import from Excel (or CSV File)

If your rabbits are in other software, including Excel, you can export them as a CSV file. This file can be uploaded here. Select your downloaded CSV file and upload. A preview window will appear for you to review. Once you have reviewed and confirmed the information, scroll to the bottom and click “Save Breeders”.

3) Enter Manually (Paper or PDF)

If your rabbit records have previously been kept on paper, a PDF, or you have no records at all, this option is for you. At the top, select the number of breeders you would like to add. Then select the fields you want to add to your breeders right now (you can always add more information later). Enter all of the information for your Breeders and select the green “Save Breeders” button at the bottom.

You can always add information and edit your Breeders after the initial import is complete. To learn how to do so click HERE.

There are many ways to import Pedigrees for your Breeders.
Learn how to:
Import Pedigrees Manually (paper or PDF copy)
Import Pedigree from other Everbreed users
Import Pedigree from Evans
Copy Pedigree data from another rabbit (siblings)

Adding Litters and Kits

Parents (Breeders) need to be added before adding kits. If you want your kit’s Pedigrees to automatically be created, make sure their parent's Pedigrees are imported. Learn how to do that above.

Web - Select “Litters” from the menu on the left and click “Add new” in the upper left.
Mobile - Select “Litters” from the menu on the bottom and click the green “+” sign in the bottom right.

Here, you can enter the Litter ID, Prefix, number of Kits, Cage number, Breed, Buck (Sire), Doe (Dam), Bred Date, and Born Date. Then click the green “Save Changes” button.

Your new Litter will now appear in your Litters list.
To edit kits, open the Litter and select the kit. You can then add a Photo, Name, ID, Color, Breed, choose the Sex, and add any relevant Notes for that kit.

Learn all about managing your Litters and Kits HERE.

Updated on: 31/08/2022

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