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How do I import a pedigree from Evans?

Everbreed can import pedigrees from Evans. The pedigree file must be exported from a recent version of Evans. It is easiest to import a pedigree if you already have a breeder Profile for the rabbit.
You can learn how to create a Breeder Profile HERE.

Importing a pedigree from Evans has to be done in the web version.
Select “Breeders” from the menu on the left and open the Breeder’s Profile.
Click the “Pedigree” tab at the top.
Select “Import” in the top left and then click “From Evans Software”.

This will open your library where you can select the .HTM file that was exported from Evans.
A preview will appear and if everything looks correct select “Save Import”.

Your import will now be complete.

Updated on: 17/05/2022

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