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Pedigree Customization, Options, and Settings

There are many ways to customize your pedigree, including adding your rabbitry information, changing the colors, selecting which information shows on each pedigree card, and more.

Branding your Pedigrees is important. You can learn how to add your rabbitry information and logo HERE.

First, select a Breeder or kit. Breeders will have a Pedigree tab along the top of the page and kits will have a Pedigree tab within the ellipses(...) menu on their tile.
In the web version, your Pedigree options will be along the top. You can find these same options in the mobile version with the ellipses in the top right.
Select “Pedigree Settings”.

This will open a window with 2 tabs, “Style” and “Content”. Any alterations to your Pedigree Settings will change all of your Pedigrees.


Here, you can choose a border option for the tiles on the Pedigree, colors to differentiate bucks and does, and whether you want to view Pedigrees in a horizontal or vertical orientation.


This is where you can choose which fields you would like present on your Pedigrees. You can choose as many, or as few, as you would like. When creating a PDF version to be printed or shared only 8 fields can be shown, that is all the typical printing paper size can fit. All selected fields will be visible when creating a shareable link.
You can also choose how many generations (between 1 and 8 ) that you want visible. Only 4 generations will be available when creating a PDF, because that is all that fits on typical printing paper. But, up to 8 generations can be seen when creating a shareable link.

After you have made your desired changes select the green “Apply” button in the bottom right of the window in the web version, or the green “Save changes” button at the bottom of the mobile version.

Printing and sharing pedigrees can be done in seconds, learn more about that HERE.

Updated on: 22/04/2022

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