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How do I import pedigrees manually (from a paper or pdf pedigree)

So you have a pedigree you want to import into Everbreed? Great! First, note that if this pedigree comes from Evans software in an htm file, or if it's from another Everbreed user (either printed, pdf, or as an Everbreed link), you can import it automatically.

See these articles for help:
Import pedigrees from Evans Software
Import pedigrees from other Everbreed users

If your pedigree did not come from one of these sources, then you will need to add the pedigree data by hand.

Here are instructions for adding pedigree data manually:

Open the Breeder profile whose pedigree you want to add (or create a new breeder)
Select the Pedigree tab on that breeder's profile
Select the "..." menu on each pedigree square you want to edit, and type the information in the available fields.

Edit Pedigree image

Edit Pedigree Card Form

Updated on: 18/05/2022

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