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Printing and Sharing Pedigrees

Everbreed makes printing and sharing pedigrees simple. Your pedigrees can be viewed and shared, from anywhere, in just seconds.

First, select a Breeder or kit. Breeders will have a Pedigree tab along the top of the page and kits will have a Pedigree tab within the ellipses(...) menu on their tile.
In the web version, your pedigree options will be along the top. You can find these same options in the mobile version with the ellipses in the top right.

Generate PDF

Selecting “Generate PDF” will download a printable PDF file to your device. If you have more than 8 fields selected in the Pedigree Settings, you may get a prompt alerting you that only 8 fields can show in the 4th generation of printed pedigrees, due to paper space limitations. Only 4 generations will be printed because that is all that fits on typical printing paper.
This PDF copy can be viewed and shared outside of Everbreed.

Clicking “Shareable Link” will open a new browser window with an online version of the Pedigree, similar to the PDF version. There are a couple of differences such as no signature lines, no QR code, and a more compact display. Any notes and all provided fields for any rabbit in the pedigree can be seen. The link can also show more than 4 generations if the breeder allows for it in the Pedigree Settings.
This link is a public URL of the Pedigree and it can be copied and shared.

QR Code

There will be a QR code in the bottom left of any PDF Pedigree. Scanning this QR code will bring you to the Everbreed Public Link for that rabbit. At the link, you can see the Pedigree in full detail, and see more than 4 generations if the breeder allows for it in their Pedigree Settings.

You can decide how much, or how little, information you want to show on your Pedigrees. There are also many options for customizing display.
Learn more about Pedigree customization, options, and settings HERE.
1 to 8 generations can be shown on a Pedigree. Changing the number of generations shown on a Pedigree will change all of your Pedigrees.
You can learn how to change the number of generations on your Pedigrees HERE.
Your rabbitry information and logo will appear on all of your Pedigrees if you have this information entered in your Settings.
You can learn more about adding your rabbitry information and logo to Pedigrees HERE.

Updated on: 22/04/2022

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