Cage cards are useful for identifying which rabbits are in which cages. You can create cage card templates that list the information you want on the card from the "Cage Cards" page, then print them out to attach to the cage. 

You may create Cage Card Templates from the "Cage Cards" -> "Templates menu. Once you've created a template, you can print it from the Cage Card Templates list also.

Steps for Printing Cage Cards

Click the "Cage Cards" menu, then "Templates". This will show you a list of your cage card templates.

Click the drop down arrow next to any template. 

Click the "Print" option.

The "Print Cage Card" box will appear. You can filter the list of rabbits from the "Show" menu to display all rabbits, bucks, does, or rabbits in a specific category.

Click the checkbox next to any rabbits you want to print cage cards for. To select all, click the checkbox at the top.

Then click "Print Batch" to print cage cards for the selected rabbits. This will export a PDF for you to send to your printer.

You can also print cage cards by clicking the drop down arrow next to any breeder or kit's profile.

Please remember to insert the proper size of paper into your printer that corresponds to the cage card template you've selected to print.


Note: this method uses Microsoft Edge's PDF reader/print-wizard.

Open .PDF in Microsoft Edge's PDF reader.
Select "Print" in the upper right corner of the screen.
In the printing wizard the defaults should be as fallows:
- Copies = 1
- Landscape
- All pages
- Print on one side
Select "More Settings"

The settings should be as follows:
- Letter
- Actual size
You are looking for a setting called "Pages Per Sheet" This will add more than one cage card on each page. this setting can be as many or as few as needed. That along with the "Actual size" setting will make your cage cards print out using less paper.
Then "Print" and enjoy your cage cards.
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