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How do I hide the butchering features?

Do you not use Everbreed’s butchering features and want to hide them? It is easy to do so and they can always be turned back on in the future!

Web Version

Select the profile icon in the upper right and click “Settings”.

Here, you can choose what you are breeding rabbits for. If you have either “Meat” or “Pelts (fur)” selected, the butchering features will be present in your account. You can hide these features by unchecking “Meat” and “Pelts (fur)”.
After you have chosen what you breed for, click the green “Save Changes” button in the bottom right.
All butchering features will now be hidden from your account.

Mobile Version

Select “More” from the menu at the bottom.
Then, scroll down and click “General” from the “Settings” section.

Here, you can scroll down again and unselect “Meat” and “Pelts (fur)”. This will hide all butchering features from your account.

Lastly, click “Save” in the upper right.

Updated on: 08/08/2022

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