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Receiving a rabbit that is transferred to you

If you are the recipient of a rabbit transfer, then you will likely get an email sent to the email address associated with your Everbreed account, stating that a rabbit has been transferred to you. 

Note that all transfers are linked to the email they were sent to, and can only be undone and resent by the seller. If the seller has sent the transfer to the wrong email, let them know that they need to resend the transfer to your correct email address.

Click the link provided in the email to claim the transfer, and you will then find the transferred rabbit in your Breeder list.

Note that after the transfer, a copy of the rabbit’s information remains with the seller, in the “Sold” rabbits list, and in the Financial Ledger. At this point, however, changes made to either the buyer’s or seller’s rabbit will not affect the other. In other words, you can edit this rabbit's profile without changing the profile that the sender has.

Updated on: 19/12/2021

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