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Breeder Viability Reports

Determining Breeder viability can be detrimental to having a successful rabbitry. If a buck is not fertile or a doe is not a good mother they are holding your rabbitry back and hurting your finances. Everbreed’s Reports will better help you see which rabbits are succeeding and which ones are failing in their position.

Reports can be found in the menu along the left side (Web version) or through “More…” and then “Reports’ (Mobile app).

Each Report has Help text available to help you better understand how they are calculated. You can find the help text by selecting the black “i” icon next to the Report’s title.

Reports can be sorted by Breeder Category in order to further compare specific groups of rabbits.
You can learn how to use Breeder Categories HERE.

There are many Reports concerning a Breeder's ability to produce.

Gestation Days

Keeping track of gestation days will give you a better idea of when specific does will kindle. Numbers are calculated based on the average day number that does have kindled on in the past.

Doe Misses

Doe fertility is important when producing kits is crucial for your rabbitry, whether it be for meat, show, pets, or fiber. If a specific doe is frequently not getting pregnant this can mean she has a deeper issue affecting her fertility. These would not be genetics that you want to keep around.

Buck Misses

Bucks can also have fertility issues, although they may be realized quicker if they are servicing numerous does. If a buck often has misses with does and it is an ongoing issue you likely do not want to keep his offspring as future breeders.

Litter Size

This is a trait meat producers tend to heavily focus on. Does that birth, raise, and wean large litters are valuable. Litter size is something that can be bred for and is usually something you want to focus on when choosing the next generation of breeders.

Survival Rates

If a doe has a low survival rate it could mean that she is not cut out to be a mother or she is just not producing healthy kits. If a lot or all of your does have low survival rates this could indicate that there is a larger issue in your rabbitry.

Live and Dead Kits

The live and dead kits report shows the total number of kits born from each doe, sorted by live and dead. This helps to visualize which does have had a high number of still born kits, and which does have produced a high number of live kits.

Kit Weight

Kit weight is broken down and attributed to the dam of the litter. This way you can compare which does are raising larger kits in general. Kits weights can vary based on litter size but you generally want does raising large healthy kits.

Growth Rate

Growth rate is also sorted by does, showing how much their litter gains weekly on average. This can be due to milk production and good mothering skills. High growth rate is important for meat producers and does who continually raise large litters are genetics you want to focus on.

Inactive Breeders

The inactive breeders report shows your Breeders that have not had any tasks recently. You can set the number of inactive days you wuld ilke to display on your graph.

All reports can be toggled between a table and a graph, depending on which you prefer. Reports can also be downloaded as a .csv file for easy printing. Both of these actions can be done in the top right of the table or graph.

Updated on: 20/10/2022

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