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How to use Breeder Categories: Add, Edit, Delete, and Filter

Breeders can be sorted into groups called Categories. You can separate rabbits used for different purposes, purchased from certain sellers, or traveling to different shows within your Categories. Then, you can filter your Breeder list to see just those specific groups.

Adding a Category

Web Version

Follow above steps.
Select “Other” and enter your new Category name.

Mobile Version

Click the Breeders page at the bottom.
Tap a Breeder to open the Breeder’s Profile.
Tap the 3 dots (“...”) in the upper-right hand corner and choose “Edit”.
Tap the “Category” field.
Select the plus icon to add a new Category.

Edit/Delete a Category

To edit Breeder Categories you will need to access Everbreed from your Web Browser.

Ensure your Breeders are presented in List Layout rather than Tile Layout.

Open “Display” and turn on Category. There will be a green check next to it.

Select a Category listed next to a Breeder, then select the 3 dots where you will be given the option to “Edit” or “Delete”.

Filter Categories

After entering your Breeders tab, select “Filter By”.
Then choose which Category you would like to view.
Select “Apply”.

Updated on: 12/05/2022

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