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How to edit and fill out a Rabbit’s Information Profile

There is a lot of information to track about your rabbits. This article will explain all of the fields on a rabbit's profile, so you'll know what to put in when adding your rabbits. To add a new breeder, click the "Add New" button on the Breeders page.

How to Edit the Information Profile

Open a breeder's profile.
Select the drop-down “Options” menu.

Then select “Edit”.

From there you can click through the menu on top to edit the entire profile.
Select the green “Save” button in the bottom right to save your changes.

Field Descriptions

Category - You can define how to categorize your rabbits, such as their purpose (show rabbits vs meat rabbits), where they came from, etc. In addition, you can create as many or as few categories as you would like, they don’t have to be used either.

Learn how to use categories HERE.

Prefix - The prefix of a rabbit refers to who owns/owned that rabbit. Most breeders have prefixes for their rabbitry name such as “FBR = Funny Bunny Rabbitry”. If the rabbit was born on your property then you can put your name or rabbitry name in this field. You can add a personal prefix when editing your profile under “Settings”, this prefix will automatically apply to any litters you record.

Note: If you have received a rabbit from another person, you put the name or rabbitry name of the previous owner.

Name - The common name, or barn name, of the rabbit you are editing.

ID - More commonly called an “ear tattoo”, a rabbit’s ear tattoo is found on the left ear of a rabbit. A fiscal ear tattoo is needed to ID each rabbit in your care. This is useful if you have a lot of rabbits and especially if they are all the same color. The ID number is given by the original breeder and cannot be altered by anyone else. It does not have to be the predetermined number Everbreed gives the rabbit upon creation of the profile.

Cage # - The number or location of the rabbit in your rabbitry.

Color - The color of the rabbit.

You can learn more about rabbit genetics and colors HERE.

Breed - The breed of the rabbit as stated by ARBA.

Sex - Whether the rabbit you are adding is a Buck (Male) or a Doe (Female).

Weight - The last recorded weight of the rabbit. You can change how the Weight Units appear in your account settings.

Learn how to change weight units HERE.

Born - The date the rabbit was born.

Acquired - When you have received the rabbit in question. If the rabbit was born on your property that this would be the same as the birthdate.

Father and mother - The mother and father of the rabbit in question.

Registration Number - The Registration Number is the number that is given to select rabbits by an ARBA registrar at a rabbit show. A registration number is tattooed on the right ear of the rabbit. A rabbit has to be registered with ARBA to receive a Championship number.

Note: If a rabbit has not gone through the process of getting a Registration number, leave this field blank.

Championship Number - The Championship number is reserved for rabbits who have won at least 3 ARBA sanctioned shows. Visit if you wish to learn more about rabbit Championship numbers.

Note: If a rabbit has not gone through the process of getting a Championship number, leave this field blank.

Legs - Legs are the awards given to a rabbit if they have won any rabbit show sanctioned by ARBA. A rabbit needs 3 legs (at least one senior leg is required) to receive a Championship number.

Genotype - The genetic color code of the rabbit in question.

Learn more about rabbit genetics and colors HERE.

There is other information that can be stored about your rabbits after you create them, such as any notes you want to write about the rabbit, or the reason for death if they died.

Updated on: 18/05/2022

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