Attachments allow ease of access with files directly related to your Breeders. Original pedigrees, show winnings, and health certificates are just a few things you may consider adding to your Breeder Attachments.

Adding Attachments
Open a Breeder Profile.
Select the “Attachments” tab.
In the Mobile App you will have to scroll through the tabs to find Attachments.

Click the “+” sign in the bottom right (Mobile App) or top right (Web Version).
Add your Attachments.
Mobile App - Select the paper icon. It will then give you the option to add an attachment from “Camera” or “Pick File” from your library.

Web Version - Click the “File” box to select a file from your library, or drag and drop your file.

Save your changes.

Edit/ Delete Attachments
Click the 3 dots next to a Breeder’s Attachment.
Then select “Edit” or “Delete”.
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