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Meat Production Reports

When raising an animal for meat it is important to know that your operation, whether small or large, is efficient. Everbreed calculates reports based on your entered data to give you a closer look at how effective your rabbity is. These reports can help you evaluate where the flaws are in your rabbitry and where you are succeeding.

Reports can be found in the menu along the left side (Web version) or through “More…” and then “Reports’ (Mobile app).

Each Report has Help text available to help you better understand how they are calculated. You can find the help text by selecting the black “i” icon next to the Report’s title.

Reports can be sorted by Breeder Category in order to further compare specific groups of rabbits.
You can learn how to use Breeder Categories HERE.

There are numerous categories that will help give you a detailed look at your rabbitry. The categories involving meat production include :

Growth Rate

Reports analyze litter growth weights when weights are entered for kits. These weights are then attributed to the respected doe and divided on a weekly basis, ultimately displaying how much weight a single doe’s litter gains in a week's time, on average. This chart or table will help you to see which does are raising bigger litters, and which are struggling.

Meat Produced

After kits are butchered and a postmortem weight is recorded, the total butcher weight is added and assigned to the litter’s dam. Here you can see how many pounds of meat each doe has produced. This can also help determine the viability of breeding does if they are not keeping up with the rest of the rabbitry.

Butcher Age

When a litter is butchered its age is included in an average produced by the doe. This eventually shows the average age of all kits butchered from each doe. If you butcher at a certain weight, say 5 pounds, this helps to see which does are consistently producing big grow outs at a younger age. You would want to keep these genetics in your rabbity if meat is your main goal.

You are able to click the Table icon in order to toggle between a table and a chart.

Selecting the download icon makes for easy printing. This will download the information as a .csv document.

Updated on: 29/06/2022

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