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Financial Reports

Reports can help make your rabbitry more efficient. If income is a priority in your rabbitry, keeping an eye on your finances can improve your income. Everbreed automatically analyses and creates graphs and tables based on the information you have entered.

Reports can be found in the menu along the left side (Web version) or through “More…” and then “Reports’ (Mobile app).

Each Report has Help text available to help you better understand how they are calculated. You can find the help text by selecting the black “i” icon next to the Report’s title.

Reports can be sorted by Breeder Category in order to further compare specific groups of rabbits.
You can learn how to use Breeder Categories HERE.

Income vs. Expenses

On the Reports page, you can find your total income and expense numbers. This is based on all transactions that you have entered into the system, as well as sold rabbits.

Doe Cost

This number is found by dividing your expenses by the number of does you have. If your income is greater than your expenses then this number will show as $0. On the Finances page, you can view both Expenses and Income per Breeder.

Updated on: 29/06/2022

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