Upgrade from Your Browser

You can update your Everbreed subscription at any time from the "Account" page. Simply log into Everbreed from your web browser on any device, and go to the Account page, which can be accessed by clicking the Profile icon in the upper right corner.

Everbreed offers both monthly and annual pricing. Paying annually reduces the overall monthly rate, giving you significant savings for the year. At the top of the Account page, you can select whether you want Annual Pricing or Monthly Pricing.

Underneath that, it will list the plans and pricing. Click "Upgrade" on the plan you want and enter your payment information below.

Click Preview Subscription to make sure your details are correct, and then your subscription will be created.

Upgrade from the iOS or Android App

If you upgrade initially using the Everbreed iOS or Android app, then you will no longer be able to update your subscription through the browser. Apple and Google require that future upgrades or changes to your billing information be made through the iOS or Play store app using Apple's or Google's payment processor, respectively. (Unless you cancel your iOS subscription, and then resubscribe through the web app).

Here are the instructions for upgrading on the mobile app:

Open the Everbreed App.
Click More in the bottom right.
Scroll down to “Account”.

Then tap "Your Subscriptions".
Then tap "Change Plan".

From there you can swipe left and right to see the plans available. Select one to enter your payment information. Remember that once you do this, you will need to make any future changes to your account using the iOS app.

Change your payment information

You can change your payment information at any time. It can only be changed through the web browser.

Select the Profile icon in the upper right.
Click “Account”
Underneath the plan options, there will be a grey “Change” button.

If you have any questions about your Everbreed subscription, please email us at support@everbreed.com.
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