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How do I add Show Notes to my rabbit's Pedigree?

Everbreed allows you to add show notes and winnings to pedigrees. This way the rabbit’s show history is always attached and can easily be shared. Show notes have to be added from the browser.

Adding Show Notes to a rabbit’s Pedigree

Select “Breeders” from the menu on the left and open the Breeder’s profile that you would like to add show notes to.
Click “Pedigree” from the menu at the top.
On the rabbit’s card, there is a grey slider to turn on show notes. Click this slider to turn notes on.

You can then type your desired note and select the green “Add note” button.
Your new note will now be attached to the rabbit’s pedigree.

To edit or delete the note select the ellipses(...) next to the note.

Updated on: 12/05/2022

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